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We can help your property reach its full potential!

Whether preparing for Sale, your first home or for investment, we have a project management service with a loyal team of trusted trades that can achieve the best results for your project at the best price. If you are looking for a buy-to-let investment, we can source a selection of properties, then follow the project through refurbishment and locate the right tenant. Click here to go to Contact Us.

What does being a project manager entail?

  • Working with the client to find out exactly what they want and agreeing a brief for the work
  • Working out the costing by finding the best prices for labour, materials and fittings
  • Appointing contractors
  • Contracting procedures
  • Advising the client on legal and environmental concerns
  • Advising the client about any building regulations

And may also include…..

  • Producing surveys and obtaining approvals
  • Organising planning permission
  • Sourcing the best priced materials
  • Devising an efficient plan to make sure that contractors arrive at the right point in the project, as do the materials
  • Dealing with health and safety issues

Some people may think that they can cut back on costs by managing a project themselves. However, this could lead to you actually spending more money on the project if things go wrong.

Without the help of a fully  experienced project manager you could end up with spiraling costs, legal problems and shoddy workmanship. So why take the chance?