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Northern Ireland house prices ‘strongest since 2007’

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Northern Ireland house prices ‘strongest since 2007’


The performance of Northern Ireland’s housing market between April and June was at its strongest level since 2007, according to researchers.

The findings are contained in the latest University of Ulster quarterly house price index.

The average house cost £139,720, up 6.9% on the same period last year and 1.4% higher than the first quarter.

Researchers said rises in transaction levels and prices suggested “a significant shift in market sentiment”.

Paces of recovery

Estate agents who were surveyed reported 1,997 sales in the three-month period, compared with 1,409 in the same quarter of 2013.

The report suggests sales values “still reflected an affordable price structure in Northern Ireland”.

While the overall price growth was reflected across several areas, the University of Ulster researchers said the inconsistent pattern suggested different paces of recovery across different parts of Northern Ireland.

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